Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Word for the -Bland Wednesday-

So, last night we had Burgers and Fries. I added some seasoning to the fries which I thought would be too salty, but it turned out great!! So, here it goes:

French Fry Seasoning

Seasoning Salt
Black Pepper
Sugar (granulated/table sugar)

Preheat oven as directed. Sprinkle a single layer of the seasoning salt and pepper onto the layer of fries.. Shake the pan and toss (like you would with the veggies in a frying pan, you know, like Bobby Flay...). Then, add a second layer of the seasoning salt and pepper. Only the second time, you are going to sprinkle about 1-2 Tbsp of sugar along with the salt and pepper.
Bake fries as directed. If you want crispier fries after you have allotted the normal baking time, put the fries back in for a few more minutes until the desired crisp.

==Andersen Girlie Tip==
This seasoning could also be used on Onion Rings or Fried Zucchini. YUM!!

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