Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cooking Pasta

So, a while back I was helping cook pasta for a church gathering and the ladies I was helping said that adding 1Tbsp of oil to boiling water before you add the uncooked pasta helps keep it from sticking to the pot. I've tried this several times and it never worked. Every single time I had to stir and re-stir.
Then, I was on Pinterest, I think, and saw that this woman tried a different technique and I'm going to share it with all of you lovely people.

Spray your pot with cooking spray, like you would to bake cookies and what-not, before you add water. Now, for me, while I'm adding water to my pot, I move the water around so that the spray isn't removed from one spot. (Once you do this you will understand what I am talking about.) This works every time. I stir maybe twice. The first, right after I add the pasta/noodles just to move them around and then maybe a second time about half-way through cooking.

Another thing that really bugs is when I'll be watching a cooking show and that episode the cook will be making pasta. After the pasta is cooked, they reserve some of the water because they say it thickens the sauce. I've tried this method several times as well. It NEVER works for me. So that's really your call if you want to try that or not. It could be operator error but I've really only ever seen that done on cooking shows.

Well, I hope you all are having a nice weekend!!

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  1. I've heard both those techniques, the adding oil and reserving the liquid. I don't think I've actually done either of them, but I may try your spraying the pot method. Next time I make pasta from scratch. Which happens about once every three years. :) Love you niecie!